When making a claim under the terms of this limited warranty, you must present your tire(s) to TRN for inspection. If the tire(s) were purchased online and shipped to you, digital photographs must be taken of the tire(s).

Please include a digitized copy of the original invoice/receipt, shipping address, valid phone number, name, a copy of the original installation receipt, and description of the nature of the claim. Personal identification (Driver’s license, Credit Card, etc.) and vehicle registration may be required to complete the claim. Tires purchased within 100 miles of the TRN facilities must be presented at our outlet to receive warranty consideration.

Please send an email to returns@tirerecappers.com with the following items included to start the warranty process. A representative will contact you once we have received your information.

Email should include the following items:

Email Address
Shipping Address
Order Number
Contact Name
Contact Phone Number
2 Pictures of your Warranty Tire


Whether mounted or un-mounted, any tire that is exposed to the
elements, can “dry rot” and the tire/casing can develop flat spots where
it contacts the surface it rests on if not driven or used for longer than
30 days.Tires should always be stored in a cool, dry,clean, indoor
environment. If storage is for 30 days or more, put the vehicle
on jack stands or otherwise raise the vehicle so that the tires are not
touching the ground and will not develop flat spots or dry rot.

Tire Maintenance and Wear:
TRN is responsible for materials and workmanship. Existing problems with
a vehicles suspension, poor or no vehicle maintenance, faulty wheels or
alignment can affect the tires longevity and performance, and TRN
is not responsible for that.
We will refund the price of our tires on a pro-rated basis after going
through the RMA (Return Material Authorization) process of forwarding
pictures to TRN’s RMA department.
We inspect all of the tires we sell to our customers before shipping and
and feel that (2) or (4) tires shipped cannot be faulty all at one time.

RMA’ed tires must be inspected and photographed within the first 30
days or 500 miles of use.


Resolution of Claims/disputes/warranties

The parties agree that any claim or dispute relating to this agreement, or
any other matters, disputes, or claims between us, shall be subject to
non-binding mediation if agreed to by you and us within 30 days of you
or us making a request to the other by letter. Any such mediation will
be held in the federal judicial district in which you reside, and shall be
conducted according to the mediation rules of the National Arbitration

The parties understand that they would have had a right or
opportunity to litigate disputes through a court and to have a judge
or jury decide their case, but they choose to have any disputes
resolved through arbitration.
The parties agree that there shall be no Class Action claims of
any kind.

We agree that any claim or dispute between us, and any claim by either
of us against any agent, employee, successor, or assign of the other,
including, to the full extent permitted by applicable law, third parties
who are not signatories to this agreement, whether related to this
agreement or otherwise, including past, present, and future claims and
disputes, and including any dispute as to the validity or applicability of
this arbitration clause, shall be resolved by binding arbitration
administered by the National Arbitration Forum under the Code of
Procedure in effect when the claim is filed. The Code of Procedure
and other information, including a fee schedule, may be obtained from
the National Arbitration Forum website (www.adrforum.com) or by
calling 800-474-2371.
Claims may be filed with the National Arbitration Forum via U.S. mail to
P.O. Box 50191, Minneapolis, MN
We are entering into this arbitration agreement in connection with a
transaction involving interstate commerce. Accordingly, this
arbitration agreement and any proceedings there under shall be
governed by the Federal Arbitration Act (“FAA”), 9 U.S.C. §§ 1-16.
Any award by the arbitrator(s) may be entered as a judgment in any
court having jurisdiction.



• Irregular wear or tire damage due to: Road hazards
(including punctures, cuts, snags, impact breaks, non-
matching of tires on an axle,etc.). Wreck, collision,
or fire. Improper inflation,overloading, high-speed spinup,
misapplication,misuse, negligence, racing, chain damage,
improper mounting or demounting, or mechanical
condition of the vehicle.
• Ride disturbance after the first 2/32″ (inch)
treadwear or due to damaged wheels or any
vehicle condition.
• Any tire altered after leaving our retreading facility
to change its appearance
(example: white inlay on a black tire).
• Tires with weather cracking which were purchased
more than one (1) year prior to presentation for
adjustment. If you have no proof of purchase date,
tires manufactured one (1) or more years prior to
presentation are not covered.
• Material added to a tire after leaving our factory
(example: tire fillers,sealants, or balancing substances).
If the added material is the cause of the tire being removed
from service, the tire will not be adjusted.
• Tire plugs may void this limited warranty
• Loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle,
incidental or consequential damage.
Note: Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of
incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or
exclusions may not apply to you.
Tread life Warranty: None

Tire Recappers will not be responsible for incorrect size and clearance issues.

Tire Recappers is not responsible for ride disturbance, balance or any condition that is caused by changing sizes from OEM( Original equipment manufacturer).

Doing this may void your warranty.

Uniformity Warranty: 6 Months / first 1/32” wear

Workmanship & Materials of the
Retreading Process Warranty:
2 Year / Free replacement first 12
months or 25% of tread (whichever
occurs first), then prorated to the final
2/32” of tread.

Road Hazard Warranty: None

This limited warranty applies ONLY in the United States


How Adjustment Charges are calculated: A tire which
becomes unserviceable due to a condition covered by this workmanship
and materials limited warranty will be replaced with a comparable new
TRN tire, free of charge, when 2/32nds of an inch (1.6MM)
or less of the original tread is worn, (or 25% or less, whichever is
more beneficial to you) and within 12 months of the date of purchase
If TRN deems that mounting and balancing fees may be
reimbursed in very select cases, the reimbursement amount shall not
exceed TRN’s cost of mounting and balancing of $15.00 per
tire. Otherwise, you will pay the cost of mounting,
balancing, shipping and any other service charges and applicable

Replacement tires that must be shipped will be delivered via
Ground shipment  only. No Overnight or Next Day shipping
is available.

When more than 2/32nds of an inch of original tread
has been worn (or more than 25%, whichever is more beneficial to
you) or after 12 months from date of purchase, you must pay the cost
of a comparable new TRN replacement tire on a pro rata
basis. We will determine the charge base by multiplying the
percentage of the original usable tread worn, by the current selling
price on the TRN price list.