The Tires for All-Seasons

Spring is here, which means it is time to give your winter tires a once-over to gear-up for the next season. As the saying goes, it is not where you go, but how you get there. Why not replace your tires with an all-season retread tire option that allows you to easily transition from one season to the next? Let’s take a look at how all-season retread tires, also known as highway tires, stack up next to winter tires.

Replacing Your Winter Tires

When considering tire options year-round, you look primarily for durability – tires that last. In doing so, consider the tread, In snowy weather, the more open the tread and increased siping, the safer the driving experience. By replacing your winter tires with an all-season retread tire option, you get the durability you need and the longevity throughout summer months.

Tires That Last, Even in Spring and Summer Rain

When driving in rainy conditions, it is the tread pattern that makes for a safe driving experience. Your tires’ ability to connect to the pavement, resisting treacherous hydroplaning that can occur, is determined by the pattern on the tires. Those lateral and longitudinal grooves that are so good at dispersing water are generally found on all-season retread tires. Get your vehicle ready to transition from winter to spring and summer with a set of all season highway tires that perform better in wet weather conditions.

At Tire Recappers, we have you covered for your all-season retread tire purchase, so you can get where you need to go safely. We carry highway tires that keep you going, no matter where your warm-weather adventures take you. Knowing that no matter the season you have tires that last will bring you peace of mind to enjoy your ride. From all of us at Tire Recappers, Happy Spring!