Don’t Overpay for Tires: Five Ways to Save

Retreading is among the best options if you want to save substantial money on tires. You can trust the whole process from start to finish and know that you’re getting tires of excellent quality. Not only is it an environmentally friendly process, it is one that allows affordable prices and a quality product.

Retread tires go through a rigorous process which inspects the original tire casings and buffs them after removing the original tread. Once down to the “undertread,” quality materials can be added in their place.

What is a retread tire?

A retread tire is a tire that is created anew – wrapped around with fresh materials so that a new tread is molded into place and given a design. It is then tested for quality and safety.

Buy tires when needed

Perform the Abraham Lincoln “penny test” to see if in fact you really need new tires yet. If, when placing the penny head side down and facing you in the tread of the tire, his head is not covered, it is time to buy tires.

The time to shop

It’s best to shop for tires in April and October when the seasons are about to change. This is when the lowest prices are available, applying to retread tires as well.

Compare reviews

Read up on tires and check for recalls. Learn about the differences and ask around for recommendations.

Shop when informed

It’s easiest to negotiate prices when you’re best informed about how much certain tires are worth. So do the research first, learn about what retread/recap tires are and compare brands. If you decide to look into retread tires, don’t hesitate to call Tire Recappers at 615-832-0887.