5 Benefits of Retread Tires

Car maintenance is an important, albeit costly and time-consuming practice. Tires should be replaced every 25,000-50,000 miles depending on the specifications of each tire and model of car. When the time comes to replace tires, consider using retread tires. Here are 5 benefits to installing retread tires when the time comes.

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A Deep Dive Into Retread Tires

The History of Retread Tires The process of manufacturing retread tires began over one hundred years ago. In 1912, Marion Oliver patented a tread design that he marketed to other retreaders. In the process that he created, the tire was buffed and the tread was placed on the already buffed tire. After, a hoop was

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Tire Recapper’s Website Gets A New Look

Tire Recappers New Website

If you are a regular visitor to tirerecappers.com then you may have noticed that our website has gotten a makeover. The fresh design boasts improved navigation, ensuring a user-friendly experience for visitors browsing retread tires or searching for information. The new site is designed to capture the look and spirit of  the Tire Recapper brand, showcasing our commitment

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