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Family Owned & Family Operated since 1960

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Tire Recappers - Since 1960

Tire Recappers Of Nashville – Proudly Offering the Best in Retread Tires since 1960

Three Generations of Tire Recappers

Founded in 1960 by C.E. Ford, Tire Recappers Of Nashville remains a proudly American-owned and operated family business. Tire Recappers was started by Ford with a simple goal in mind: to provide the Nashville community with high-quality, low-cost tires for small custom passenger and LT Trucks. By 1974, when current CEO Thomas Ford Sr. began working during vacations and after school, demand for the company’s retread tires had grown to match its sterling reputation.

By 1976, the newly married Ford Sr. was working full-time as the retread plant manager for Tire Recappers. It is with great pride that Ford Sr. and his sons, Thomas, Lee, and Andrew, have all followed in the footsteps first planted by C.E. in 1960.

With three generations standing behind Tire Recappers, quality and service remain the company’s primary goals. Tire Recappers is America’s oldest and best tire retreading company. Each retread manufactured by Tire Recappers is proudly made in the USA on the finest equipment, using only the best materials available.

The Real Retreading Deal

To ensure the very best tread rubber quality, Tire Recappers follows the original recipe developed and perfected by C.E. Ford in the 1950s. Using top-of-the-line equipment sourced from Italy and Germany, Tire Recappers uses only major brand, Grade A casings for its retreads. FedEx, USPS, Air Force bases, over-the-road trucking fleets, stock car racing teams, and everyday drivers have all relied on Tire Recappers for the best retread tires in the country.

Today, Thomas Ford Sr., who learned the business from the tires up, ensures that each and every retread tire that the company manufactures is done so with pride. “We have always, and will always, use the best casing, tread rubber, and equipment in order to make the best possible retread. Please give us a try!”

More than 50 Years of Retreading Expertise

For more than a half a century, Tire Recappers has offered top-quality tire recapping services in Nashville, TN. Recaps are a safe and economical alternative to new tires. Professional and experienced staff members are happy to answer your questions about tire recapping. Recycle with retreads.

  • Cars, light trucks, and RVs
  • Medium truck and farm
  • High-performance
  • Computer wheel balancing
  • Any type of repair – radial or bias tires
  • Tire truing